0002: WALL-E, Innerspace, They Live

0002: WALL-E, Innerspace, They Live

We insert a second set of films into the list. Alex has childhood memories ruined, Sam just wants to watch Keith David fight, and Chris can’t stop talking about Independence Day. Get in touch @sfratingsystem or mail@sciencefictionratingsystem.com

One Reply to “0002: WALL-E, Innerspace, They Live”

  1. Well, you guys have convinced me not to watch Innerspace again, only watched it as a kid and have just fond memories of it. Plus I have always found any homage or reference to it very cool, like in Family Guy.
    Independence Day is better than They Live, Roddy Piper was just naff and the film was pretty flat with random craziness sprinkled into it. But The List has spoken, I must honour The List 😉

    Great episode guys.

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