0005: Edge of Tomorrow, Predator 2, Aliens

0005: Edge of Tomorrow, Predator 2, Aliens

There’s an upswing in quality as we add three more films to the list, celebrating the work of Bill Paxton with three of his greatest Sci-Fi roles. Alex is crazy for Predator, Chris still hates time travel, and Sam really, really doesn’t like Newt. And for one single, beautiful moment, all three hosts are in perfect agreement. Got three films for us to watch? Get in touch at mail@sciencefictionratingsystem.com See the list at sciencefictionratingsystem.com follow us on twitter @sfratingsystem and on instagram @sciencefictionratingsystem

One Reply to “0005: Edge of Tomorrow, Predator 2, Aliens”

  1. Hey guys, another great episode, apart from all the racism obviously.
    Aliens is awesome and is in my top 5 too. I also enjoyed Edge of Tomorrow somewhat, I loved the way it was like video gaming as well as the comedic element. However I hated the ending, biggest cop out I have ever seen for an ending since Mass Effect 2.

    My only issue, and it seem like I am in the minority here, is Predator 2. I thought it was a bit of a crap sequel. The first one is just such a great sci-fi horror that the transition to sci-fi action, for me, didn’t work at all. I didn’t think the film was bad, per se, but , just worse than the original in every conceivable way. Didn’t like Glover just running around being pissy with everyone and not only dide he beat the Predator but made it run away in retreat to his ship where his buddies were, that wasn’t believable for me and makes the Predator seem like a wimp. The tension has been completely removed from the first film. I even thought the visual effects were worse than the first as they tried to do too much.

    Basically, for all the reasons you guys explain why Aliens worked as a genre changing sequel, is why I think Predator 2 failed as it didn’t match up to that film even slightly.

    But maybe that’s just me.

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