0006: A Scanner Darkly, Paprika, Ghost in the Shell

0006: A Scanner Darkly, Paprika, Ghost in the Shell

Our first collection of animated films join the list!  From discussions of gaze theory and dualism, to all out war erupting over whether these films should even be allowed on the list, this bumper episode is hopefully worth being a bit late! Sorry about that.

Got an idea for three films?  Comments, complaints about the list so far? Get in touch at mail@sciencefictionratingsystem.com, @sfratingsystem on twitter, @sciencefictionratingsystem on instagram.

Next time we discuss comic book adaptations: Guardians of the Galaxy, Dredd and Flash Gordon.

3 Replies to “0006: A Scanner Darkly, Paprika, Ghost in the Shell”

  1. I haven’t seen any of these, I had always been tempted by A Scanner Darkly but I think I won’t bother now. Paprika sounds like an interesting concept but I think I would rather read the original from Sam Draper.
    Ghost in The Shell is one I have ALWAYS wanted to watch but I can’t help but feel that it could never live up to my expectations which have been sent into deep space thanks to all the positive reviews from everyone. It was the same for Akira and it didn’t live up to my expectations and so I actually left that film with a disappointing experience.

    Oh and animations should totally be included if you already have Wall-E in the list. Although that opens a whole plethora of sci-fi Manga that you may never get through, pretty sure one is released weekly over there.

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