0022: Superman IV: The Quest For Peace, Batteries Not Included*, Robocop

0022: Superman IV: The Quest For Peace, Batteries Not Included*, Robocop

We celebrate the 20th 30th Anniversary (god i’m old) of three ‘classic’ sci-fi films. From the car crash that is Superman IV, to the nostalgia fest of Batteries Not Included and beyond to a bonafide classic: Robocop.

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One Reply to “0022: Superman IV: The Quest For Peace, Batteries Not Included*, Robocop”

  1. Cheers Sam, I always thought we had a similar work ethic 😉
    This week I actually watched the 3 films too, I haven’t seen either of them since the nineties so I didn’t really have an opinion of them before my re-watch.
    Superman IV: Quest for Peace – Awful film. As you guys said it starts off badly with those terrible credits, it almost looked like a parody or a cheap looking advert. It fully deserves the place it got from you guys, so so bad. Also, I didn’t understand why Clark loves Louis Lane when she clearly thinks he is a bellend and just loves Superman when that other, more attractive broad, really liked him for who he was and couldn’t care less about Supes.

    *Batteries Not Included – I am not with you on this guys. Those darker aspects, to me, just felt out of place and unintentional which on the whole made the film feel like a miserable confusing mess. Just as bad as Superman IV in my opinion…ok, maybe not THAT bad but you get my point.

    Robocop – So glad you guys put it so high up. I didn’t realize how amazing this film was, it’s jumped into my top 5 sci-films ever with ease. So good and I liked Weller, that line “I don’t remember my family but I feel them” was devastating! Awesome film.

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