0023: Imposter Week Preview Show

0023: Imposter Week Preview Show

Trust no one! This week there are imposters among us as we preview three films where all is not what it seems.  We have extreme horror, ’50s classics and ’80s nonsense, something for everybody!

Watch the trailers from these links to play along at home!

The Thing

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

My Stepmother is an Alien

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One Reply to “0023: Imposter Week Preview Show”

  1. So now you’re biggest and most loyal fan is a lazy pervert? Not on really.

    You are the ones who said you would watch every sci-fi film ever. And Sci-fi porn DOES exist, Star Whores: A New Hole reviewed incredibly well in fact! I bet it’s more entertaining some of the other stuff you have watched 😉

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