0033: Emmerich/Devlin Axis of Destruction Preview Show

0033: Emmerich/Devlin Axis of Destruction Preview Show

We’re back! Out of chronosleep, back from the nth Dimension, season 2 of SFRS starts with not one bang, but ALL THE BANGS as we get into three films from Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin that involve the world blowing up. And space Egypt. We also definitively decide that Alex isn’t as into this stuff as Chris was, Chris was all the way into Indepedence Day, and Sam is definitely not a racist.

Watch along with the trailers below and join us next week as we add our 60th film to the ranking!


Independence Day



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3 Replies to “0033: Emmerich/Devlin Axis of Destruction Preview Show”

  1. Season 2 is here! With racism, spoilers and arguing about Independence Day (I refuse to call it ID4).

    It’s like you never left!

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