The Science Fiction Rating System is the definitive guide to science fiction films.  Each week Sam, Chris and Alex add three films to the list until they have seen every possible film.  Or one of them dies.

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Sam had the idea for the podcast and kinda regrets not including a bit in the format where we watch star trek every week (although we sort of do anyway). When he’s not watching science fiction films he enjoys wanting to move to Japan, hating children and finding more editions of the Blade Runner soundtrack to buy. He makes music which is here, wrote a couple of books but you can’t buy those (yet) and is on instagram and twitter (the latter not so much).


Alex loves Sci-Fi but he also loves horror, so much so in fact that in 2008 he set up www.lovehorror.com with another fright loving friend. The website which has been running ever since offers news, reviews, interviews and more and has led to Alex frequently attending festivals, talking to a ton of talent and watching a multitude of menacing moves all under the pseudonym Zombie2. Working in a cinema by day and sometimes by night, what little spare time Alex has is spent with his family and his extensive Lego Minifigure collection.


Chris is actually just Sam and Alex taking it in turns to do a voice.